Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mandarin Diet in Questions

Mandarin oranges + rice...healthy diet? pretty much every day all i eat is just mandarin oranges, haha. it's just that they're so good :)
about lemme see 20 a day, give or take a few. is that unhealthy?
for actual meals its usually a cup of rice with some weird sprinkling on top, anchovies/dried whatever.
i've been eating like this since break started..nothing do to but eat oranges all day..

just curious: would i lose weight if i kept eating like this til the end of the vac?
also would it be advisable to go running in freezing weather...if so, what to wear (:

Deandre replied: "The formula for losing weight is not difficult - eat less food and workout more - the problems surface when we really try to put that into practice! There are lots of opportunities to fail in the big wide world don't you think?! I learned some splendid advice by learning from the site in the box below, they have lots of guidance, I lost 5 pounds by following their tips."

Lenneth replied: "After eat madarin orange is a haelthy diet."

I recently moved to China, can you help me improve my diet? I am well aware of how to eat well and have travelled extensively throughout the world. I am also a keen gym rat and like to keep high standards of health and fitness. However, having settled into China, I am still somewhat confused as what to buy in supermarkets as my mandarin is poor but still developing. I find my diet is very unvaried and I often end up leaving the supermarket disappointed. I live in Chengde, Hebei, so the western foods of Beijing and Shanghai are not an option. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Mr Hex Vision replied: "I would have to ask what kind of supermarket you are going to how big etc....

Supermarkets can range from little concern shops to places that have 3 floors... Or they can be like traders markets.

It just maybe a case of going to another supermarket, or hunting down an international supermarket in Chengde

Most of the bigger "hyper markets" will have tons of stuff all clearly shown with exaggerated labels showing it full of ingredients.

An example of my weekly shopping basket included fresh prawns, frozen dumplings, noodles, soup stock, fruit and veg, repacked meat (pork) or Chinese style sausages, and breakfast cereals like porridge for winter and something lighter for summer.

But in any-case it you just will have to experiment on a trail and error and see what happens, some foods you will like some you will not. One of my favourite things was a Korean chilli sauce/paste as shown in the link below

Wang Z replied: "In Chengde, people like to eat noodles. Some flour foods are very popular, such as You Noodles and Donkey-Rolling Roll."

Elena S replied: "confused about what to buy in the supermarkets?...
how can that be, you can take any goods into your hands and have a good look before you buy...
hope you don't confuse all those numerous small convenience stores and real big-&-cool supermarkets...
well, i don't really see what your problem is...
if you've been to the supermarket at least once then you must know what to do there..."

greenpaint replied: "I'd say go to a 'fresh market' all the meat, veg and fruit is out on display, it's usually a lot cheaper than the supermarkets and much fresher. They're fairly common where I am (Hunan)
As for your sauces, many have English writing SOMEWHERE on them or there's usually a silar product on the same shelf with English writing, it might take a bit of rooting, but we've had a fair bit of luck. If you have the opportunity try to have a look at a Chinese friends kitchen.
Also, the bakeries here tend to be pretty great for breads, I'd definitely check them out.
Also Walmarts seem common enough here. They usually have some international items, although they're usually very expensive.
I think your best bet is to explore and trial and error lots of things, I think it's cheap enough here to do that."

Kate replied: "Well, for a start, try the most famous food in Beijing, Beijing duck! A wrap with slices of duck, cucumber, onion, and sauce. Tastes really good! If you miss your local food from were you live, go down to Jenny Lous, down near pinnacle plaza, or near lai guang ying dong lu. I hope you have a wonderful time here in Beijing!"

? replied: "There're grocery stores or supermarkets that are catered for the expats with lots of import stuffs from wine, cheese, diary products to sausages, meat and frozen veggies, then there're some that specifically carry imports of Hong Kong, Taiwanese and Macau food. Check the labels and you can easily tell."

Marduk replied: "I had the same problem at first. Start by figuring out a basic lunch and dinner that works for you (and for your stomach!), and ask someone to write down the characters for those words.

For me:
- noodle (chao mian)
- simple cooked veggy (bai cai)
- tofu (dou fu)
- egg (ji dan)

Once you figured out how to buy basic food that keeps you healthy, you can comfortably try out any of the other foods China has to offer. Just start from a stable basis that's easy and healthy."

Would this be a healthy diet for a 15 year old vegetarian 123 pound 5 foor 5 inches girl to follow? Breakfast: banana and yogurt
Morning tea: apple and nuts
Lunch: wholegrain salad sandwich and mandarin
Dinner: Tofu and green vegetables with rice.

Only drink water. Do weight training and running most days of the week. Do you think someone could be healthy and lose weight on this diet?

ShArLeNe replied: "yup,yup"

No Body replied: "God you eat a lot."

пЃў <--- thats called a box replied: "sounds fine to me"

UMRmathmajor replied: "Make sure you get enough calories, especially while exercising. Depriving a young girl of nutrients is bad in more ways than one. But the foods sound pretty balanced to me... but change it up at times."

Is Mandarin Orange salad and Honey Nut Cheerios the Staple of a Healthy Diet? Or might it be time to go shopping again?

this is harder than it looks. replied: "ick!

Def. Go shopping!"

Petunia Too, Pet Ant replied: "Well, being snowed in and out of propane that MAY be a plan!
If the electric goes next I won't be able to microwave that diet anymore, though!"

upright n' breathin replied: "If you still have coffee, you are doing fine. I'd get fat if I had the Cheerios, esp honey nut..."

kitty replied: "Oh Buddy... i think its time to go shopping.."

PRISM yes they really are mine. replied: "sounds like what i make my kids survive on. heheheh They are models of health! hahahahha well..."

Blackjack girl replied: "those 2 foods make me poop...a LOT!"

maggie3 replied: "Any novelty diet is great for a while, but then the reality will set in, and you WILL have to go shopping."

Flying w/ scissors replied: "It's time to go shopping again... Mandarin Orange salad and honey nut cheerios are yummy but after a few times of eating it I'd get tired of it and want something else like tuna salad and peanut butter..."

What is a good diet for my toddler to ensure he gets on the nutrients he needs? My son is nearing a year old and will be done with formula in the next couple weeks. I want to know what he should be eating on a daily basis to ensure he is getting the proper nutrients. I plan on giving him 2 % milk, how much of that should he drink too? Currently he eats fruit coctail, mandarin oranges, bananas, cheese etc... Thanks!

♪ ♥ ♪ ♥ ♪ Simply me ♥ ♪ ♥ ♪ ♥ replied: "I think this is an ideal time to sit with his pediatrician and come up with a good diet plan for him. The doctor will know just how much of everything he should be consuming and can give you very accurate answers."

Timid Women Rarely Make History replied: "It would be best to talk to his pediatrician about this. But here is a site where you can type in his age etc and it will give you an idea of his ideal caloric intake,and from which food groups."

Dawn-Marie replied: "http://babyparenting.about.com/od/nutritionandfeeding/f/servingsizetod.htm

Sounds like you're on the right track. On the days when my kids are picky eaters I offer a kids vitamin and/or Carnation Breakfast shake. Pedisure works the same."

ericakamp19 replied: "He NEEDS WHOLE milk...he needs the fat and the protein!!!!! he should have anywhere from 16-24oz per day, our son will only drink about 12-15oz....plan on 3meals and 2 snacks a day. Add some pasta, grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburg or chicken...everything that you eat only pea size pieces."

Is this a healthy diet. Too many sugary things I know!? am writing down everything I eat and all the exercise I do. Kind of a way to keep me honest. I am aiming to diet for 22 weeks to lose the excess pounds. I will keep you up dated with my results.

Day 1

1 wholegrain bread roll with 2 slices of ham and tomato and lettuce and carrot and slice cheese

Another wholegrain breadroll with 2 slices of ham and tomato, lettuce and carrot and slice cheese

1 skim milk cappuccino with 1 sugar

1 banana

Skim milkshake with lime topping and icecream

1 scone with jam and cream

4 lollies

1 piece of cake

2 frozen tv dinners (weight watchers)

Exercise: 45 mins walking

Day 2

Instant oats made with skim milk

cappuccino made with skim milk and artificial sweetener



bbq chicken skin off with peas, potato, pumkpin and carrots

2 serves low fat yoghurt

glasses of water

Beef stew with 2 slices of wholegrain bread

Diet jelly set with tin fruit salad in natural juice and diet yoghurt

half an hour exercise

Day 3

2 wheat biscuits with skim milk

coffee with skim milk

1 chocolate biscuit

a small slice of cake

low fat yoghurt

ham and salad wholegrain roll

beef stew with 1 slice wholegrain toast and 1 egg

low fat yoghurt

Day 4

1 KFC burger

1 white coffee with 2 sugars

2 bananas

1 coke zero

beef stew with egg and wholegrain toast

1 chocolate biscuit

Day 5


Lime juice with honey

Roast beef and vegetables

White coffee with skim milk

low joule jelly set in fruit with low fat yoghurt

small piece of cake


2 slics wholegrain toast with 2 poached eggs and baked beans

1 white coffee with skim milk

Day 6

2 slices grilled bacon, mushrooms and baked beans on wholegrain toast

1 mandarin

1 banana

1 wholegrain breadroll with ham and salad


1 pork chop and vegetables

1 weight watchers cookie

diet jelly and yoghurt (low fat)

Day 7

oats made with milk

1 banana

1 mandarin

diet jelly and low fat yoghurt

baked beans

2 cups of coffee

1 cup of cocoa with skim milk and artificial sweetener


1 egg with tomato and wholegrain toast

1 icecream on a stick

charabc123 replied: "Well I would say it's quiet a healthy diet, but if you were to be really strict on oyurself, you could not have sugar in hot drinks, replace all sugary snacks with fruit"

clueless replied: "well if you want to loose what you whole eating habit has to change. you have to avoid deep fried meals, but if you want to eat them or anything sweet, you can only have it one or twice a week. the other days you should eat fruits, veggies, one day chicken, one day fish, one day beef. no bread, butter, potato. if you decide to eat kfc and ice cream then don't eat again in the day have snacks, portion control. i lost weight by eating healthier and stopped drinking soda and drank plenty of water. i hope this helps."

The Last Viking replied: "If you cheat a lot on your diet this is a good thing to do for a few weeks. Beyond that you will 95% sure fail any strict diet such as this simply because it grinds down your psychological stamina.

Cut the artificial sweeteners. They're worse than the real thing and screw with your metabolism, ability to spalt fats, and so on...

If you truly want to see results, exercise more! A big glass of skimmed milk, lots of protein, running intervall training and muscle building/toning exercises will far, far, far outweight the benefits of any diet and excrutiating cardio."

Cola replied: "Firstly i think you should eat more fresh fruit and veg. What about water?

Id say day 1 wasnt very healthy, Contains lots of bread items.

"Skim milkshake with lime topping and icecream

1 scone with jam and cream

4 lollies

1 piece of cake"

Not healthy at all.

Day 2 is ok.

Day 3 is also unhealthy
1 chocolate biscuit, a small slice of cake 2 x low fat yoghurt.
You should try and only have 1 sweet thing a day.

Day 4 isnt bad, but a kfc burger for breakfast????

Day 5 + 6 are ok.

Day 7 id say the 2 x coffee + 1 x cocoa is a little too much.

OVerall not bad but more fresh fruit and veg and water."

Cera Lily replied: "I would say a healthy diet needs SOME sugar for good balance and a healthy mind state (unless of course your in training for something or trying to lose weight)

The best way to tell if your diet is healthy and good for you personally is to ask yourself :o)...How do you feel? is your skin glowing? hair healthy? ect...

Keep in mind No one is a perfect eater. Your diet does look healthy and balanced :o)"

XxAngelicAngelxX replied: "Your having alot of sugars and carbs (the breads) which isn't good if you want to lose weight.

Instead of having whole grain bread etc... for breakfast you should have certain things lyk unsweetened oatmeal or cereal or a yogurt w/ some granola or something. Adding your fruits in there is good but the fried foods (KFC) r terrible for you and shouldn't have them if your on a diet. All of the sweets are mostly just empty calories lyk you should cut out the cake and ice creams, lollies. You can have whole wheat bread w/ your tomatos and ham..etc...but limit that to one of those a day if you really lyk them. Eggs are good for you but if you want better results you should use Egg Beaters, or egg whites (same thing), beans are on the good side. You should limit your big meats lyk beef and chicken shouldn't be in one day...

Make sure to drink lots of water too to stay hydrated and it also curbs your hunger...oh an make sure to add more veggies in your diet.. GOOD LUCK!"

Why are most tomatoes acidic? How do acidic foods affect ones diet? Mandarin tomatoes I believe are not acidic.

amazingly intelligent replied: "I don't know about the acidic properties having an effect other than mild heartburn for some people. I do know that tomatoes in any form of preparation (other than maybe ketchup) are extremely beneficial in helping maintain prostate health. So, if they don't disagree with you eat a lot of them both fresh and canned."

Christopher H replied: "I only know that acidic foods wear away plaque on your teeth and can make your teeth weaker."

Gout diet, should these fruits be avoided? I know most of the recommended diet for Gout as my husband has suffered from Gout pretty bad the past few years. I am trying to find out if he should avoid grapefruit, mandarin orange and lemon juices? I know the more water he drinks the better and he is using black cherry juice.

Andre ... aka kook_car replied: "Found some stuff which might be of use to you, especially the table of food high & low in purine level.

Orange is a low purine food, so he needn't avoid that."

Fruit Diet Day 2..... I feel awful is this normal? Im doing a 3 day fruit diet, Ive only eaten fruit (tons of it: mandarin oranges, peaches, pineaplles, mixed fruit, grapes, etc) and drinking water. This is the 2nd day and I have the biggest headache and feel tired! is this apart of the effect or something b/c Im doign something my body isnt use to? Because I usually eat ALOT of junk foods and fried food all day and hardly ever healthy. Please input :) Thanks!

replied: ""

How did i do today with diet and exercise? exercise:
20 min of step
35 min of elliptical
(today was my cardio day)

1/2 cup cheerios
1/4 cup skim milk
1 cup of cranberry juice
4 mini pitas slices
2 tablespoons hummus
1 cup strawberries
1 bag baked lays
1 small chicken breast
1/4 cup egg noodles
1 apple
2 mandarin oranges

i'm 5'3 and 112 lbs

Tia replied: "I have tried out every diet known to mankind but nothing worked as good as acai berry. I understand they say that pills don't work, nevertheless they certainly worked for me, and they've been featured on CBS News too. There is a free trial happening currently at , give it a try, why not?"

William replied: "Actually, you don't have to diet as such to lose weight, the sole diet that really worked for me is green tea, it can be seen in the resource box underneath, they have a small number of free trials remaining, it was reported in Fox News and USA Today. I lost thrity pounds, it really does work!"

flower replied: "you are already slim. i am 5,4 and 142 , i would kill to be even 130 pounds right now. yes u ate healthy but u are fine the weight u are."

nessie. replied: "1 bag baked lays? That's horrible? One whole bag?! I really hope you're talking about the small bags. I think you did great on everything, but since I'm guessing you ate the cereal for breakfast, you should have added more. 1/2 cup cheerios is only 50 calories, and skim milk doesn't have a lot of calories either. THat's like 80 calories for breakfast. I'm on a diet and I've lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks, and I eat around a 300 calorie breakfast. Today, for example, I ate 1 cup cheerios and 1 cup milk (it wasn't even skim)."

John replied: "You did good and judging by your height and weight you don't need to lose any fat. Keep up the good work!"